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WG Treasure Hunt

Join the WG Treasure Hunt each month on a journey through the streets of Willow Glen, California to solve puzzles, find clues and unravel the history and lore of this small town.

How to Play

Players compete monthly for the title of "First 2 Find" and are awarded with real-life treasure. Complete 6 Quests and 9 Photo Challenges along the way, guided by the game’s clues and GPS location. Explore historical downtown Willow Glen in a whole new way! Use hints to find clues, solve puzzles and answer trivia. 

The WG Treasure Hunt is guided by a mobile phone app that players will need to download and install in order to start playing and be eligible to win prizes.  You will need to be in Willow Glen, California to be able to play and complete the Hunt.


Play together as a group but compete individually.  Will YOU be First 2 Find?

Hunt ~ Play ~ Win

Complete the Game

All players who complete the Hunt each month are entered to win the monthly Grand Prize of a gift card(s) valued at $250.


First 25

The first twenty-five players to complete each month's Hunt will be entered into the Grand Prize draw and also receive a limited-edition T-shirt.  Collect all six!


First 2 Find

The very first player each month to complete the hunt wins all the above AND bragging rights on our Leaderboard!


Shake 2 Win

Shake to win challenges are random. When one pops-up on your screen, just shake your phone for a chance to win a token from our treasure chest.


The only way to lose is not to complete. Savvy?

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