Remove your ale goggles

or ye might sail right by this giant clue

on th' side o' this bottle shop.

Found it? 

Pretty, ain’t she?  She tells a good tale 'n one can learn so much about this town through her eyes.  She was brought into creation by a skilled lass, indeed.  Scroll down t' read more about her afore ye move t' answerin' th' riddle – it’s a doozy.  Grab an abacus 'n a pencil t' help ye.

Creative ForceLila Gemellos

“My art career began as a child.  I won Best of Show ribbons in the County Fair for oil paintings and had my first commissions at eight years old.  In high school, I entered beauty pageants for scholarship money and world peace.


I pursued my talent at UCRiverside and spent five years in construction and property management, with a Certificate of Construction Industry Tech from Clemson University.  I understand now that my obligation as an artist is to create peace at the ground level.  Art that does good is my life’s work.  I am the change I’d like to see.  As a lifelong artist, I have two areas of focus – color that evokes and use of space.”

-    Lila Gemellos (


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