Ooh La La!

Hoist yer eyeglass and find this pretty picture on the wall of a nearby French eatery.

Found it?    

Ye have to answer a question next!  It may require the help of a pencil, some paper 'n extra fingers 'n toes to count with.  Better you than me, matey!

Oh and before I forget, you might like to learn about the artist that painted this mural.  Yer welcome.

Craig Britton was born in Chicago, Illinois 

  • BFA - Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohi, 1994

  • MFA - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 1998

"I choose subjects as jumping off points to explore intellectual and emotional responses to what I am observing.  It is a dialogue with things seen and felt, because they are often inseparable.  My aim has always been to make work which is compelling in its beauty, or at least intriguing, in the way that a piece of music can be."​

- Craig Britton (craigartus@yahoo.com)