Once in a blue moon
a pirate will pause
in their CHASE
for treasure to 
admire a little art!

Look Up! 

Colorful bits-and-bobs come together t' form wondrous scenes.  Examine them fer th' answers ye seek.


About the artist:

Millard Owen Sheets (June 24, 1907 - March 31, 1989)

Sheets was a prominent mid-century American artist, teacher and administrator.  Many of his large-scale building-mounted mosaics from the mid-20th century still survive in Southern California. There are two more pieces of his work inside the CHASE bank of Willow Glen.

Learn more at: willowglencharm.com/news/history/chase-bank-artwork/#jp-carousel-2599

or at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millard_Sheets